Rondehoep is a region located to the west of where the Waver River streams into the Amstel. The Rondehoep is 1,266 acres large, of which 900 of that total is a protected meadow with plenty of nature. The remaining space is part of a town called Ouderkerk on the Amstel. In the middle of that area there is a meadow of 165 acres and since July 2006 it is a protected breeding area for birds.

In this area, there is a 17 km dike, which is fully accessible by bikes and cars. Along this dike, you will see some beautiful meadows and more waterways. One of the most popular attractions of the Rondehoep is going on a bike ride because of the nature, scenery and peaceful surroundings. The area in Rondehoep was voted one of the top seven most beautiful areas of the Netherlands.

History of Amstel River Countryside (Amstelland):