General rental conditions

Preliminary note:
Sail to Amsterdam until the lock opposite Carré. Boating on the canals is prohibited, we do not have a permit for this.

Tenant, rental and cancellation

  1. Minimum age of the renter and driver is 21 years, ID required.
  2. Prepayment, or deposit, required at time of booking. Payments only via iDeal, or bank transfer. Reservations and bookings on the day itself only by debit card or cash.
  3. Rental price includes fuel and insurance.
  4. You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before departure. If you cancel within 48 hours before departure, a cancellation fee of € 30.00 will be charged. The rent, minus any cancellation costs, will be refunded to your account.
  5. In the event of very bad weather on the day of departure, the reservation will be moved to another date free of charge, in consultation with you. If desired, you will receive a voucher, or the rent will be refunded to your account. Cancellation on the day of departure due to Bad weather is considered force majeure and in that case no cancellation costs will be charged. Refunds and/or shifting to another date do not apply to Groupdeals and other promotions.
  6. The sloop must be returned in the same condition as when it was taken into use on departure.
    If the sloop has not been collected until one hour after the agreed time, the lessor is entitled to give the sloop to another tenant.
  7. When returning the sloop after the agreed period, an hourly rate of € 75.00 will be applied for every hour that the sloop is returned late, as a surplus of the already paid rent. This surcharge may be paid by card. If you return after 9 pm, an extra day will be charged.
  8. The sloop must be returned clean. In case of gross soiling, a cleaning fee of € 50.00 will be charged.
  9. Pets are not allowed.
  10. There is no smoking allowed on board, no open fire and no water pipe may be used.
    Aemstel Boating (the lessor) has the right to cancel at all times if, in the opinion of the lessor, it is not responsible to sail due to the weather conditions. The tenant can then plan another date or get the deposit refunded.
  11. If no deposit has been made 24 hours before departure, the lessor has the right to cancel the reservation without giving any reason. Risk and damage
  12. Before departure, a deposit of € 350.00 per sloop must be paid in cash. Optionally and at the discretion of the landlord, you can sign a one-time direct debit authorization. In case of calamities, or if these rental conditions have not been met, the deposit will be deducted afterwards via the bank. The deposit applies as an excess. Usage damage (such as damage to the paintwork, cable fender, spray hood, broken/disappeared/missing flag and/or flag holder and/or missing inventory) can, at the discretion of the lessor, be deducted from the deposit.
  13. In the event of damage due to gross negligence, the full amount of the damage will be charged to the tenant.
  14. The deposit will be refunded after proper return to and inspection by the staff of Aemstel Boating. With debit card, the deposit is immediately refunded via internet banking to the account with which the debit card payment was made.
  15. The management accepts no liability for damage and injury caused by negligence, or failure to observe the sailing instructions and safety warnings (e.g. cable ferry, narrow and/or low passage, self-service bridges, too close to the shore and mooring at other place appropriate jetties and/or quays) or enter unstable and/or slippery jetties. Sailing and sailing area
  16. The renter and driver are expected to have some experience in sailing with sloops, as well as to be familiar with the sailing rules. Good experience is required for sailing on the Amsterdam canals. A boat license is not required
  17. Speed: On Amstel and open water max 9 km/h, unless signage enforces a lower maximum speed. On the canals, small canals and everywhere where houseboats are located> max 6 km/hour
  18. Fines for violation of the BPR and Sailing Rules are always at the expense of the tenant.
    It is not permitted to push or tow other vessels or objects in the water with our sloops, with the exception of providing assistance to the hired sloop or to other vessels with its passengers. It is not allowed to pull people along with an exuberant line, whether or not with a swimming ring.
  19. The maximum number of people on board the sloop is in accordance with the type of sloop that has been reserved.
  20. More people than the maximum allowable is prohibited.
  21. Sailing area rental: All inland waterways, with the exception of the IJ, North Sea Canal and IJsselmeer.
  22. Aemstel Boating does NOT have a permit for the Amsterdam canals, it is therefore forbidden to sail on the canals.